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22nd May 2019

Jason Momoa was absolutely fuming at the Game of Thrones finale


He’s still very fond of his Khaleesi, it seems

Unless you’ve been living in a cave inside an even bigger, deeper cave over the last month, you’ll know that the final series of Game of Thrones has been and gone.

You will also no doubt be aware that the final series, and in particular the last ever episode of the show, left many fans bitterly disappointed with how George R. R. Martin’s fantasy epic eventually played out after eight seasons.

It appears, however, that nobody was more upset with the finale than Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drago, the leader of the Dothraki, in the very first series of the show.

This is your last warning, there are spoilers ahead.

Filming himself whilst watching the episode, Momoa starts shouting at Jon Snow: “Fuck you! Fuck you punk!” after he stabs Daenerys Targaryen.

Khal Drogo, of course, was married to Daenerys against her wishes at the very beginning of the story. The two, however, did begin to get very close – particularly after Drogo poured molten gold over the head of her awful brother Viserys.

He then continues by just emitting loud groans, grunts and exhalations of “fuck!” whilst the scene where Drogon burns the Iron Throne and then flies off with Daenerys’ body plays out in the background. There even seemed to be tears in his eyes.

Oh! And he also calls Tyrion a bitch several times! How could we not include that part.