It looks like The Rock is going to be spending some time in the slammer in Fast 8 5 years ago

It looks like The Rock is going to be spending some time in the slammer in Fast 8

We honestly couldn't even begin to predict how the world we live in will look ten years from now, but you can bet the house you probably won't own that there will be a new Fast & Furious movie in the works.

The eighth movie in the franchise is currently in production, and everything we've seen so far suggests we can expect more really, really fast cars, physics-defying stunts and so-bad-they're-amazing one-liners. Helen Mirren's in this one, too, because why the hell not?


Also returning for Fast 8 is Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, who reprises his role as Luke Hobbs, and judging by a picture uploaded to the wrestler-turned-Hollywood-megastar's Instagram account, his character might be in for a rough time.

The photo, which seems to have come directly from set, shows Hobbs cuffed at the wrists and ankles in a prison cell, and he doesn't look too chuffed about it either.

The caption reads: The Iceman cometh. And don't fucketh around. #OnSet #FastAndFurious8#OrangeAintTheNewBlack #HobbsTheIceman APRIL 2017.

We don't know why Hobbs is in prison. The Diplomatic Security Service Agent has been getting increasingly involved with Dom and his gang since he made his debut in the fifth movie, so there's a chance he's ended up on the wrong side of the law. Cinema Blend muses that he could in fact be undercover. We know he's been spending time in Iceland, and we know he's going to be driving this monster.


Perhaps a huge bustout is on the cards? We'll have to wait until the movie's April 2017 release date to find out for sure. Or, you know, just keep refreshing The Rock's Instagram page.