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Is this Star Wars droid already the must-have toy for Christmas?
We can't w8...

Sorry to use the C-word at the beginning of September, but this could be the toy on everyone's wish list come the festive period so you need to be prepared.

With the highly-anticipated new Stars Wars film coming out in December, the shelves (and internet) will very soon be awash with a plethora of playthings.

In fact September 3 sees the rollout of all the official merchandise on 'Force Friday'...


Perhaps the most exciting product of all is a cute little ball of fun barely 10cm tall.

Tech company Sphero have created a wonderfully realistic BB-8 toy that's bound to be a favourite with kids and adults alike. If you haven't heard of BB-8, you'll definitely have seen the roller-ball droid in the trailers...


It doesn't come cheap at $150 (around £100), but the mini-robot is seriously cool and looks like something out of Pixar animation...

The miniature droid can be controlled via your smartphone (either iOS or Android), or set to 'Patrol mode', which allows it to wander around the room on a journey of discovery.

Check out the video below, and get writing to Father Crimbo sharpish before they're sold out...

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