Here's what some of the UK's most memorable Eurovision entrants are up to now 4 years ago

Here's what some of the UK's most memorable Eurovision entrants are up to now

A bit like an ill-advised session of karaoke after a few work pints, Eurovision has a fond place in our hearts.

Campy, outrageous, and all kinds of fun, throughout the years the UK has sent some wonderful acts to the competition.

So to get you in the mood for Eurovision 2016 and Joe and Jake (hopefully) putting in a good performance in Stockholm, we've been trying to catch up with some of the memorable UK entries from the '90s and 2000s to see...Where are they now?


Sonia  - Eurovision 1993

Charming Liverpudlian Sonia represented the UK in Eurovision 1993. Performing her single 'Better The Devil You Know' in Ireland, Sonia came 2nd in the competition.


Sonia is still performing and also spends her time doing some acting work and panto. She's been live-tweeting the Eurovision semi-finals, so will be one to keep in your timeline for the big day on Saturday.


Gina G - Eurovision 1996

The '90s were a simpler time. Smartphones and social media didn't exist. Pints were cheaper. And a Eurovision song could reach No 1 in the UK singles charts.

In 1996 Australian singer Gina G shot up the UK charts with the catchy dance hit 'Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit'. It's still a bit of a banger, and far too good to be played at cheese nights in your local nightclub.

Fresh off her chart success, Gina G headed off to Eurovision 1996 in Oslo with the track.

While Gina G didn't win in '96 (she came 8th, with Irish entry Eimear Quinn winning with her song 'The Voice'), she became a firm favourite on pop rotation in the UK.

Gina G - Present Day

In 2005, Gina made a comeback and tried to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest competing against Katie Price. She now runs her own record label, Stuntgirl, while still performing on the side.


Katrina & The Waves - Eurovision 1997

Historically, the UK is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision. Instead of losing all the time because the rest of Europe hates us, countries would vote for us.

Heck we used to win.

Katrina & The Waves were the last UK representatives to win Eurovision, taking the gold with 'Love Shine A Light'. Strangely enough, Eurovision was the band's big comeback, having released the imperishable "Walking on Sunshine" back in the '80s.

Katrina 2015

The band soon dissolved after that Eurovision performance and Katrina left to pursue solo work. Now some 19 years later, Katrina is back with the band every now and again for touring performances.


Jemini - Eurovision 2003

From the UK's highest point in recent times... to their lowest.

Scouse two-piece Jemini finished in dead last with their performance of 'Cry Baby'. If you watch any of the videos in this piece, make it this one - due to a technical fault neither singer could hear the backing track so start singing WAAAY off-key.

It was a shame really, as the likeable Scouse pair of Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey never really got a fair shake at Eurovision. Terry Wogan famously said the Iraq invasion that happened two months earlier had a real impact on the performers chances of winning. The rest of Europe was mad at the UK, and that did Jemini no favours.

Chris Crombley

Jemini were soon dropped by their record label after the disastrous result, but reunited back in 2014 for a special Eurovision-themed episode of Pointless. Gemma now runs her own make-up business in Liverpool, while Chris still makes music as a solo effort.


Daz Sampson - Eurovision 2006

The UK's Eurovision standing never really recovered after the 2003 effort, but Daz Sampson's 2006 effort of 'Teenage Life' was certainly a sight to see.  Watching a 31-year-old man rap while flanked in bootcut jeans only acceptable in the early 2000s will long stick in the memory.


Daz has been a busy man in the decade since, setting up a record company and dabbling in bit of football coaching in Cheshire. He's lived quite the life, and *maybe* helped write his own Wikipedia page.

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