Grimes hospitalised for panic attack after Elon Musk's SNL debut 1 year ago

Grimes hospitalised for panic attack after Elon Musk's SNL debut

Grimes was taken to hospital following a 'panic attack'

Canadian alternative pop artist Grimes has revealed that she was taken to hospital following a panic attack that occurred after Elon Musk's much-talked-about Saturday Night Live appearance.


In a post she uploaded to Instagram, sharing an image of her and Miley Cyrus (the musical guest that week), she explains how she "[f]orgot to post these cuz I somehow caused myself to have a panic attack".


As she explains in the full post, the entire experience was "quite scary" and took as a sign that now would be a "good time to start therapy". It is unclear whether she suffered the anxiety attack on the set but she did thank "the SNL team for being so kind".

Grimes - real name Claire Boucher - is no stranger to issues surrounding anxiety and mental health, it would seem. Her songs such a 'Delete Forever' deal with notions of the world ending and she has spoken several times in the past regarding the subject.

Grimes and Musk had a child together in May 2020, the birth itself garnering a huge response on social media after they revealed the baby boy's name to be X ร† A-12, in true Musky meme fashion.

The pair then went on to alter this to a Roman numeral variation, as well as clarifying that it is simply pronounced 'X'. His future school teachers thinking about the morning register, no doubt, breathing a collective sigh of relief.


Musk featured in a number of skits - as is typical for whoever may be hosting that week - and, needless to say, he certainly left an impression on viewers. He did lean into poking fun at his own unique personality, though, and did bring us yet another edition of one of SNL's most iconic series of sketches:

You can see the full highlights of his SNL debut here.

If you suffer with panic attacks or think you may have had one, be sure to visit the NHS website for more information.


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