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03rd Jun 2015

Good Charlotte return with bizarre Waka Flocka Flame collaboration

Average Charlotte at best...

Tom Victor

Just when they thought they were out, we pull them back in…

Teen movie soundtrack stalwarts Good Charlotte have ended their four-year hiatus to team up with rapper Waka Flocka Flame on the Adam Sandler sci-fi comedy Pixels.

We’ll let you gather your thoughts for a second, as we know that’s a lot for you to take in at once.

New track ‘Game On’ comes some 13 years after the release of the band’s breakthrough hit ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’. To put things into perspective, 28-year-old Mr Flame wasn’t even old enough to drink back then.

But the question on all your lips is of course: “Is the new song any good?” We’ll let you be the judge of that…

H/T AltPress