Fan of The Weeknd? You're going to love the new song from Bazzi 3 years ago

Fan of The Weeknd? You're going to love the new song from Bazzi

Comparisons don't always have to be bad, you know?

I've spoken to a lot of artists over the years and I've come to realise that some like comparisons, some don't. As a journalist we're always trying to find a new way to describe something or someone after we've written about it time and time again.


For me it's not about comparing an artist so much, it's more about finding a easily digestible way to introduce someone's sound to a new audience.

Take Bazzi for example.

I love this kid. He's extremely talented and I thinkĀ he's got something special going on. It's not just about a voice - although his has such a gorgeous tone to it - it's about the feel of what he's delivering. His aura mirrors that of a young Abel Tesfaye (or The Weeknd for those who aren't as up on the Canadian singer as some).

Following his breakthrough smash "Mine" - a track I can't get enough of and still play at least twice a day - Bazzi has now dropped off his new single, the airy "Honest".

It's a song that touches upon regret and romantic betrayal, something that I'm sure most of us can relate to. But instead of not wanting to bruise his male ego he's happy to admit perhaps he was a part of the problem. It's about how being stubborn can wreck a good thing.


Pair this honesty that makes him vulnerable and human with the synth-laden backdrop, some modest guitar strumming and the light drums that don't overpower the vocals, and you've got a beautiful hypnotic record that feels like Bazzi's on his way in the same way The Weeknd did in 2011 with House of Balloons.

Aside from the release of the new single, Bazzi has also announced that his eagerly anticipated debut album will arrive April 12th via iamcosmic and Atlantic Records.