Here's everything that's changed as part of the Pokemon Go update 5 years ago

Here's everything that's changed as part of the Pokemon Go update

Footsteps are out and bug fixes are in with the new Pokemon Go update.

The game of the moment received its very first official update since its European release and has been slowly whittling away at a view minor annoyances that have plagued Pokemon Go players.


The major change included in the Pokemon Go update sees the game dispense with the footprint tracking system. Instead of seeing footsteps indicating how close nearby wild Pokemon would be, instead trainers are offered nothing. It is believed the system is being hidden while Niantic better refine their tracking system.


Those footprints no longer appear in the new Pokemon Go update.

It continues a series of shake ups the augmented reality game has gone through in recent days

A number of third party apps, including the popular tool Pokevision, disappeared overnight as Niantic and Nintendo looked to refine their user experience.


iOS users will also notice the game's battery saving mode has disappeared, in what is believed to be a temporary measure while the company works on server issues and crashes.

Also in are increased customisation and new gym animations, as Niantic work to better maintain and refine their global gaming hit.

The full list of changes included in the update can be found below.

Pokemon Go Update


There have been reports that the new update has been sending a lot of gamers back to level one, but as The Telegraph reports, this problem can be solved if Poketrainers log out of Google on mobile web browsers before logging back in through the Pokemon Go app.

All in all, it's a case of evolution, rather than revolution as Niantic and Nintendo look to take Pokemon Go forward. With the game besieged by crashes and server problems due to unforseen demand, it looks like the game makers are slowly tweaking things to make your adventure run a lot easier on your phone.

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