EastEnders viewers stunned to hear four swear words before watershed 2 years ago

EastEnders viewers stunned to hear four swear words before watershed

EastEnders fans were taken aback as Sharon and Michelle turned the air blue in last night's emotional episode.

In the pre-watershed show, viewers heard the pair say 'bastard', 'arse' and 'shagging' (twice) as Sharon reeled from discovering that Denise Fox is having Phil's baby.

After the bombshell, Sharon unloaded on her dying husband shouting: "Even on his last legs he manages to disappoint. Stupid, stupid, stupid bastard".

Then as Michelle opened up about ageing and problems in her marriage she confessed:

"And how ever many times I worked out. However many times I skipped breakfast and lunch, all I had to do was look at a bagel. I may as well have shoved it down my trousers and sellotaped it to my arse."

If that wasn't enough, Michelle then topped it all off with a stinging tirade about why should have never returned to Albert Square, saying:

"I should have known better coming back. Thinking we could pick up like when we were kids. Best mates, we don’t even hardly know each other. This ain’t home, I don’t fit here, don’t want to.

"That’s how come I left in the first place. It’s just a small… it is it’s just a dirty grubby little corner of London. But still full... full of the same small-minded petty little people, Sharon, passing their judgements and shagging… shagging the neighbours."

It was all a bit much for some viewers.

It even prompted one viewer to ask if there had been a sudden change in script-writer.