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16th Aug 2015

Drake-only radio station goes live

This is just weird...

Tom Victor

Radio stations have often been criticised for a lack of variety in the music they play, and this has been pushed to the limit in the USA.

The Drake 92.7 station only plays music by Canadian rapper Drake. No exceptions. Considering he only has three studio albums to his name, along with a number of mixtapes, that suggests you’ll hear the same songs quite a lot.

There are even official Instagram and Twitter pages for the station, which is based in North Carolina and is thought to have originated as a gospel specialist before the bizarre rebrand.

We’re not sure how long they can keep this up, but according to The Fader a special announcement is on the way on Monday.

Could any other artist sustain their own 24/7 radio presence? Probably.

Still, he’s already the most famous radio persona to share his name with a bird since Alan Partridge.