Celebrity Big Brother house to be taken over by toddlers 1 year ago

Celebrity Big Brother house to be taken over by toddlers

"We're going to have a Big Brother crèche."

The Celebrity Big Brother house is set to be taken over by toddlers this week in a task that will be one of the most challenging yet.

The men will be pitted against the women to see who has the better parenting skills. Each team will be given the task of looking after a bunch of 4-6 year olds, as Emma Willis explained while speaking to Rylan Clarke-Neil on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side:

"So the tasks are continuing and we’re going to have a Big Brother crèche.

"So we’re having a bunch of 4-6 year olds in the house and we’ll be finding out who will be looking after them best – men or women.

Rylan was taken aback by the idea and jokingly asked: ""Have people agreed to let their children go in there? We're not just grabbing children and throwing them in there?"

Emma is adamant that the task will be "insightful", though. It will certainly allow viewers to learn more about the contestants.

Some contestants will have advantages over others. Ginuwine, for example, has nine children of his own so should have some hands on experience. The men will be banking on him to lead the way in this task.

This news comes shortly after India - who has now been evicted from the house - criticised Big Brother for its task which sent the men to work in a factory environment and got the women to wear floral dresses and act as housewives.