Ben Affleck just hinted that supervillain Deathstroke will be appearing in an upcoming DC film 5 years ago

Ben Affleck just hinted that supervillain Deathstroke will be appearing in an upcoming DC film

Ben Affleck's solo Batman film doesn't even have a title yet, but apparently we already know who'll be making an appearance.

In a 27-second clip uploaded by the new Batman,  a shadowy figure emerges from under a bridge to do some mean mugging to the camera.


Considering the costume and closed eye on the mask, one can assume Ben Affleck has just revealed Deathstroke The Terminator will be appearing in a DC film in the near future.

This is a heck of a way to reveal a piece of your multimillion dollar budget Warner Bros. movie.

But who is Deathstroke? Well in the comics, Deathstroke is the alter ego of expert mercenary Slade Wilson. A long time enemy of the Teen Titans, Batman and the Green Arrow, Slade's nifty trick is... he doesn't have really one.

Much like Batman, instead of having one trick, Deathstroke is one of those regular Joes who has trained themselves into becoming a highly trained, highly intelligent and highly dangerous member of the DC Universe.


His first encounter with Batman was in the 1991 story arc "City of Assassins" where Deathstroke travelled to Gotham to find a hitman who was offing mob bosses. When Batman got involved in his business, Slade... well Slade beat the seven bells out of him.

In fact, Deathstroke, is such a threat that at during one story - Identity Crisis - he single-handedly took down the Justice League.

Deathstroke is such a big deal in comic books... that Marvel *kind of* ripped him off to make Deadpool. Hence the Slade/Wade similarities, and both folks being mercenaries.

While there's no word yet if the footage is from Justice League or Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, the thought of one of DC's most iconic villains coming to the big screen has a lot of fans pleased.

There was of course a small minority that wished to point out that there already is an onscreen Deathstroke, tearing it up in the Arrow television series.


So when we will be seeing Deathstroke in the cinema? Well, the earliest opportunity for him will be in Justice League in November 2017.

Fingers crossed Slade survives his scuffle with the League and makes it to Affleck's solo Batman film too. If the comics are anything to go by, we could see some incredible fights between the two.