Ahead of their new album, 30 Seconds To Mars release "Rescue Me" 1 year ago

Ahead of their new album, 30 Seconds To Mars release "Rescue Me"

We all need rescuing sometimes, right?

Even behemoth rock group 30 Seconds To Mars need rescuing sometimes, or so their new single would lead us to believe.

Titled "Rescue Me", the song sounds like old 30 Seconds To Mars mixed with new 30 Seconds To Mars. Experimenting with electronic drum patterns and pairing them with a familiar guitar riff, that could so easily have been lifted from either the A Beautiful Lie album or This Is War, there's a lot of other things happening on this busy track. There's no way to categorise it. Is it pop? Rock? Dance?

Either way, it's a grower that will take more than one listen to fully digest. It needs dissecting. There's always more than meets the eye with anything Jared Leto and the band put out, and for confirmation of this all you need to do is watch their Artifact documentary.

Listen to "Rescue Me" below:

Taken from the band's upcoming album AMERICA, which is due out April 6th, "Rescue Me" follows the singles "One Track Mind" featuring A$AP Rocky, "Dangerous Night", currently in the Top 10, and the four week number one alternative track "Walk On Water".

AMERICA Track Listing:

1. "Walk On Water"
2. "Dangerous Night" Produced by Zedd
3. "Rescue Me"
4. "One Track Mind" Feat. A$AP Rocky
5. "Monolith"
6. "Love Is Madness" Feat. Halsey
7. "Great Wide Open"
8. "Hail To The Victor"
9. "Dawn Will Rise"
10. "Remedy"
11. "Live Like A Dream"
12. "Rider"

You can pre-order AMERICA here.