6 key moments you might've missed on last night's Love Island 7 months ago

6 key moments you might've missed on last night's Love Island

Day 32.

We've got some fresh meat in the villa and boy oh boy did they make an entrance.

After the devastating loss of two contestants, emotions were running high. Obviously, that was the perfect time to release two chumps into the enclosure, primed and ready to mate.

Last night's episode was a bit lacklustre in terms of action, so please indulge the mandatory smidge of exaggeration that follows.

Behold six key moments from Love Island day 32.

1. The year is 2018 and one man is still saying 'Whasaaaaaaaaaaa'

The phrase was popularised back in 1999 during an insufferable Budweiser commercial. It's been almost twenty years since the elongated greeting became popular. But has that stopped new guy Idris from dragging it by the scruff of the neck back into relevance? Has. It. Flip. He burst into the villa like a hero returning from war. Idris failed to notice that half the contestants were crying, or perhaps he did, but felt that a hearty 'Whasaaaaaaa' would cheer them up. Reader, it didn't. He is now officially The Worst Love Island Entrant of 2018 and I question whether he can bring it back from this embarrassment to redeem himself.


2. Wes kissed Megan ON THE TEETH

Have you ever kissed someone on the teeth? Just full on given them a smacker right in the teeth? Love Island's Wesley has. He's just done it last night. Emotions were running high as Megan and Wes learned that they would be spending the night in the villa's hideaway. Their fellow islanders voted them as the lucky twosome and they were overcome with joy. So much so, Wes attempted to kiss Megan as she was talking. This resulted on him kissing her on the teeth twice. Is this important information? No. Is anything other than the inevitability of death truly important though? No.


3. Alex tried to send hidden messages to the outside world

Look at him, sitting there with a tight fist behind his back. I don't know what it means, but I also don't trust it. Alex is communicating to the outside world with a series of hand signals. Yesterday, he gave a thumbs up which presumably means he's approving of something. But what does the fist mean? If you think in terms of rock, paper, scissors, it's a rock. Alex is letting his friends on the outside know that he's a fan of rock music, particularly Kid Rock. Alex is a Kid Rock fan and honestly, that explains a great deal. Mostly, why he is such an oddball. Finally, we have gained some clarity.


4. Jack was wearing a particularly self-indulgent choice of headwear

Look, I'll be honest. This year's Love Island is really boring in comparison to last year. It's hard to find six mildly amusing things every day. Every so often, I'm forced to make something up. Am I proud of that? No. But am I committed to making incredible Love Island content every day until the series ends? Again, no. So let's just pretend Jack had a magic hat on. A hat that projects his exact pose at any given time right onto the front of it. That's a pretty cool design for a hat. If anyone with the ability to make that kind of hat is reading this, please get in touch. I'd love to discuss selling my idea for millions. Thank you.


5. The new guy looks like a hench Paul Potts

Look at them. That is a before and after photograph and I refuse to hear otherwise. What has become of Paul Potts? Sure, he does a lot of operas and shows, but where is he right now? Nobody can answer because he has transformed himself into a buff Love Island contestant pretending to be called Kieran. He's gotten hench, grown a beard and some eyebrows and sorted himself out with a haircut that suggests 'I check in on elderly neighbours during cold weather, but I call them arseholes behind their backs if they force me to take my shoes off at the door'. I welcome Hench Paul Potts into the villa. I wish him the very best.


6. Laura revealed that she used to be a ring girl

During her date with boxer Idris, Laura revealed that she used to be a ring girl. It's another classic example proving that we don't know these islanders at all. Sure, we've all read the puff pieces about their private lives, how much their parents earn and the location of their first heavy petting session at secondary school. But did we know that one of these contestants used to be a piece of jewellery? Laura was a ring. She might've been an engagement ring for all we know. How exciting. People have long suspected that Dani was a peach and Megan was a bell, but it remains to be seen whether those rumours are true. Stick with us for all the latest Love Island news.



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