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31st Mar 2020

Lunchtime History Lesson with Greg Jenner of Horrible Histories


Let us take you on a trip back in time

On our first Lunchtime Lecture, historian and author Greg Jenner joins us for a lesson in the history of celebrity.

Jenner has worked on the Horrible Histories books and TV show, as well as appearing on numerous television shows and BBC radio programs.

In these unusual times of COVID-19, Jenner takes u back in time for a bit of escapology, looking at the life of history’s celebrities and their often wild stories.

He pays particular attention to one Edmund Kean, a Shakespearian actor known for his incredible acting, short stature, tumultuous personal life, and controversial divorce. So sit back, relax and enjoy a history class to help you pass time this quarantine.

His latest book, Dead Famous: An Unexpected History of Celebrity from Bronze Age to Silver Screen, is available to buy.