10 of the worst celeb Halloween costumes that are more trick than treat 8 months ago

10 of the worst celeb Halloween costumes that are more trick than treat

Halloween flops that definitely wouldn't get candy at our door

With the world currently hungover, covered in fake blood and wondering how many Harley Quinns they made out with last night, it seems like the perfect time to look at some of the biggest Halloween fails of the recently departed October 31.


When it comes to celebrity Halloween costumes there are obviously no right or wrong answers - however with literal millions at their disposal and a styling team capable of pulling off intricate Met Gala looks, there should be no reason why we aren't all sat in awe.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry as a covid vaccine


We get it; covid is a thing. Not only does it seem a little icky to dress up as a topic that has literally cost the lives of thousands - but it's not even a good costume. The couple, who have been together since 2016, could've dressed as crazy anti-vaxxers but instead they opted for something which at first glance looks like a pale blue crayon.

Philipp Plein as an injured bloke

Fashion designer Philipp Plein, who dresses the likes of Paris Hilton and Columbian singer Maluma, decided to dress like someone with a scratch on their face? Honestly, this is giving big 'fake blood on white t-shirt' vibes - and that's relatively sad considering he owns a fashion empire and is worth $300 million.


Bebe Rexha as Anna Nicole Smith

If there was an award for the tackiest costume, then singer Bebe Rexha would take gold. The employment of an elderly actor to play Nicole Smith's first husband J. Howard Marshall only adds to the questionable nature of this get-up.


Of course, she looks stunning - but surely she could have looked stunning in a less morally iffy outfit?

Taylor Swift as a squirrel

Taylor Swift has worn incredible costumes in her music videos - and yet Halloween took a nosedive. Let's just say we aren't nuts about it.


Justin Bieber as a blinged-up bear

Celebrities seem obsessed with dressing up as cuddly creatures this year. Though blurry pictures are apparently in trend, you'd think someone as well-connected as Biebs would have access to a tripod.

Harry Styles as Dorothy

It truly saddens us to write this but Harry Styles as The Wizard of Oz heroine Dorothy was just a letdown. As someone arguably more in tune with his feminine side than others, there was an entire realm of possibilities for the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer. Is manspreading in the Dorothy dress hot? Yes, of course, it is - but could he have done more? Without a doubt.

Kendall Jenner as the corpse bride

Though the photographs are undeniably stunning, painted legs and face hardly make a costume. These images could, of course, be on the cover of Vogue but having previously served iconic Halloween looks like Pamela Anderson and Tinker Bell, the supermodel misses the mark entirely with this one.

Lisa Rinna as a bunny

Lisa Rinna is a familiar face on sites like Page Six and TMZ, given her status as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Seen as Rinna usually appears at functions in the most elaborate outfits, a bunny onesie and accompanying ears aren't exactly reinventing the wheel, are they?

Tommy Fury and Molly Mae Hague

And the award for the most predictable costume goes to...

Though Molly's solo costume was a little more original (and we do mean a little) this couple's costume could not have been more predictable. Not only does it just look like typical boxing match attire but how the hell did she not get blood on her face?

Cara Delevingne as a muff diver

The model's head-turning 'Peg the patriarchy' Met Gala look had the world divided and now it will be divided once more. Though her Instagram post has garnered nearly half a million likes, you have to ask yourself at what point do we all simultaneously scream "We get it!" at Delevingne?

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