Unvaccinated people become 'variant factories', says expert 1 year ago

Unvaccinated people become 'variant factories', says expert

The unvaccinated become 'breeding grounds' for the virus, according to experts

Not only do the unvaccinated risk their own health, but their bodies become variant factories - at least that's what Dr William Schaffner says.


A professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr Schaffner spoke to CNN recently.

"Unvaccinated people are potential variant factories," he said.

"The more unvaccinated people there are, the more opportunities for the virus to multiply.


"When it does, it mutates, and it could throw off a variant mutation that is even more serious down the road."

"The more we allow the virus to spread, the more opportunity the virus has to change," the World Health Organisation advised. (Photo: Getty)

All viruses change and evolve, as we have previously seen with the Delta variant that is currently running rampant and unchecked across much of Britain.


Though variations can be minor, insignificant even, there is potential for it to develop an advantage we are powerless to predict. If a mutant version infects enough people, then it becomes a variant.

But it cannot replicate and mutate inside of a person that has been vaccinated. So, enter the person so steadfast in their belief to not be vaccinated, a.k.a a 'walking factory'.

"As mutations come up in viruses, the ones that persist are the ones that make it easier for the virus to spread in the population," said Andrew Pekosz, a microbiologist who also spoke to CNN.

"Every time the viruses change, that gives the virus a different platform to add more mutations. Now we have viruses that spread more efficiently."


Though the Alpha and Delta variants are arguably the most well-known now, there are still many other mutations out there. It is almost like a pick and mixes where all the candy happens to disease.

The biggest issue surrounding the unvaccinated is not the risk of their own health, which they have a right to do, but the fact they could produce more variants the rest of us cannot combat with the current vaccine. "My body, my choice" seemed like a valid argument for a while, but actually, that choice could be putting others in harm's way.