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01st Jul 2021

UK reports another 27,989 COVID cases, the highest since late January

Kieran Galpin

Another record-breaking day for Covid cases

The UK has reported another 27,989 coronavirus cases, which have not been recorded since January where the number reached 29,079. However, the death rate has dropped dramatically. In January, there were 1,245 covid-related deaths, compared to the 22 recorded on Thursday.

Figures also show another 141,216 people have had the first dose of their vaccines, and a further 175,749 have had their second jab. A total of 44,860,978 people in the UK have had at least one shot, while 33,048,199 are fully vaccinated. This is most likely why the death rate has dropped so dramatically.

A separate set of data published by the Office for National Statistics shows an estimated 385,000 people in private households have experienced long Covid lasting for at least a year. This is 376,000 more than last month. For those of you unaware, long Covid is described as having persistent symptoms that last longer than a month.

This news comes as Boris Johnson has also confirmed that some restrictions may remain come freedom day on the 19th of July. Though he is yet to divulge the exact meaning of his poetic phrasing, people online are starting to become frustrated once again.

During a visit to the Nissan plant in Sunderland, PM Boris Johnson had the following to say:

“I am very confident that the double jabs will be a liberator, and they will enable people to travel.

“We’ll be setting out a lot more about the detail of that in the course of July and in the course of the next few days – about how we see it working.”