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22nd Apr 2020

Which is better? Microwaved tea vs normal tea

Rich Cooper


Ah, the noble cup of tea

The United Kingdom and tea go together like pretty much every other thing the East India Company brought back from its imperial journeys around the globe. Yes, tea originated in Asia and didn’t even get a mention over here until the 1600s, but Brits still love it.

Tea has always been something of a conversation starter in these parts. Whether that’s chatting politely over a nice cuppa and a biscuit, or arguing bitterly online with some dickhead who puts his milk in before the teabag. Either way, it gets people going.

There’s one thing most of us can agree on though: tea is made by boiling a kettle. Some of us use a teapot to brew it, but few of us go about heating up that water in any receptacle other than a kettle.

But what if I told you that some people actually microwave their tea? Would you call me a liar? Well, I’m not. People actually do it. So many people do it in fact that Food and Wine magazine actually wrote an article saying that microwaving your tea is actually the healthiest way to have it.

Crucially, they also say that it makes your tea tastier. But is that true or is microwaved tea as sacrilegious as microwaved chips? We decided to do the only thing we know how to and conduct a massively scientific experiment to answer the question: is microwaved tea better than normal tea?