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08th Apr 2021

Mortgage advisor warns against joke references when sending money to your mates

Danny Jones

The joke reference is always funny – except for when it’s seen by a mortgage advis0r

I defy anyone to find a single person who hasn’t either sent or received money from a mate accompanied by a daft reference. It’s not elite level comedy, granted, but it does quickly root out the minor awkwardness of having to carry out a formal financial transaction with someone who’s seen you on a night out.

However, as KAG Financial (@kagfinancial) on TikTok has informed her followers, that minor gag might not be worth it when it comes to applying for a mortgage. In her 13-second clip, she reveals what we should all already know: that as well as the sender and recipient being in on the joke, so are the banks and lenders.

@kagfinancial“Money for drugs” ##fyp ##mortgage ##foryou ##firsttimebuyer ##mortgageadviceuk ##mortgageuk ##mortgagebroker♬ Bongo cha-cha-cha – Remastered – Caterina Valente

As the mortgage advisor explains, the reference for every bank transaction can be seen – that’s kind of the idea in the first place. So, as she uses as an example ‘”Money for drugs” is probably not the best thing to use’.

Sure, it’ll make you chuckle slightly or exhale air out your nose for a moment, but that feeling is nothing compared to the embarrassment when you have to explain it to a bank or mortgage broker like KAG Financial.

This is a pretty relatable and useful TikTok, to be honest, and as such, it’s done pretty well: the video has already had nearly half a million views, over 24.4k likes and nearly 1000 comments – some people seem genuinely fearful/embarrassed now, whereas others are simply revelling over past references in self-reverence. Still funny, to be fair.

Nevertheless, it’s a good warning for those who of us are more anxious and genuinely worried about sorting out a mortgage. As the advisor states, ‘drug money’ and all the classic are “actually tame compared to what we see”.

So, if you want to be taken serious and avoid any potential embarrassment, “Avoid joke references”.